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Historical Writing and How You Can Help

Remember how I stated that this blog started as a college newspaper column?  I’ve recently discovered that a project has started to digitize past issues of my college newspaper so that my writing can be preserved forever…or until the internet collapses.  I must also point out that funding for this project is from a grant … Continue reading

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Weekly ProPOPaganda

Throughout my latest year-long-subscription to Entertainment Weekly,  I’ve been getting more and more upset. I sat through months of Oscar and other award shows articles to get to the magazine issues that matter to me. The ones about blockbuster movies…but recently (since I’ve been paying closer attention), I’ve noticed that the magazine has a hidden … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Another Fanboy’s Dream

Earlier in the year, I mentioned how my family has cut the cord on our television viewing…meaning that we no longer have cable or DVR and chose to stream our entertainment on-line through services like Hulu and Netflix.  So far, I’ve been fairly happy with the results (except for not being able to watch March … Continue reading